Re: Nested and non-nested elements: pseudoclasses

Anne van Kesteren wrote:

>> this are not possible as they should be.
> As I understand it, CSS is supposed to be a cross-platform, accessible 
> replacement to JavaScript and DHTML.  Yet, simple tasks as
> CSS is part of DHTML.
CSS is not meant to be a "replacement to JavaScript and DHTML"...there 
are a few problems with that statement...let me begin with those, then 
say why.

(1) JavaScript is netscape/Mozilla only (though others may have 
adapted), so no "cross-UA".  [For reference JScript is M$'s, and 
ECMAScript + DOM 0-3 <modules> are the open, everyone]

(2) CSS is part of the DHTML stuff, and far from a replacement.

Now, it has been, and remains my understanding that Web Design is 3 
stage process, each stage interacts heavily with each other though, 
"Content" (the html), "Style" (the CSS), and "Behavior" (the 
Scripts)....  the behavior and CSS layers can become abstracted yes, but 
styleistic behaviors only, can be represented in CSS, though more 
advanced structural/other behaviors need to be still in the Script layer.

Hope I explained myself well.
~Justin Wood

Received on Thursday, 19 August 2004 06:53:52 UTC