Re: [css3-selectors] May ':active' be applied to "normal" elements or not?

>> I believe that most browsers have ':active' implemented in a way that 
>> it can be applied to every element, as in:
>>   p:active{
>>    color:#000;
>>    background:#ddd;
>>   }
>> In Bugzilla a bug was reported[1] about a CSS3 test case[2], which 
>> indicates that ':active' is probably only meant for form and hyperlink 
>> elements, as in INPUT, A, LINK, AREA, BUTTON and probably more.
>> The CSS3 selector specification however, doesn't mention this 
>> explicitly[3]:
>> # The :active pseudo-class applies while an element is being activated
>> # by the user. For example, between the times the user presses the mouse
>> # button and releases it.
> CSS is not for HTML only. Maybe there is something about active elements 
> in the HTML specs.

There is. But I just read this is basically up to the UA[1]:

# I'm pretty sure the WG explicitly decided that this is up to the UA,
# and there are significant advantages to doing it this way -- it gives
# authors more flexibility and power, it's easier to implement, and the
# implementation doesn't need to be constantly revised.

I think CSS3 Selectors should be updated to reflect that or the WG 
should provide a more detailed description of what the UA should do. 
That description should most likely address the concerns addressed in 
comment 8 in that (invalid) bug report[2].


  Anne van Kesteren

Received on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 15:33:44 UTC