Re: CSS Tabs

fantasai wrote:

> Since Hixie brought to my attention the problem of making CSS tabs
> I wrote a proposal for handling the basic layout geometry through the
> 'display' property:

To clarify the justification for this -
Tabs are different from existing CSS formatting types.
   - They size and wrap into lines like inline blocks.
   - They stretch and vertical-align like tables.
   - They do margin collapsing like neither.

Some use cases:
   navigation atop
   links at the bottom of
     (Right now the margins are hard-coded to be wide; they should
      shrink instead of forcing the content to wrap when the window
      gets narrow.)
   tabs at the top of
   spaced links atop
   tabs at
   horizontal link bar on


Received on Monday, 16 August 2004 16:00:56 UTC