Re: [css3-speech] Proposal: an aural box model

As we think about the box or flow model for audio
in ACSS with respect to pause vs cue, all we may  need to define is
that pause is  "stretchable" i.e. when you have multiple chunks
of pause coming together, it stretches or shrinks to fill a
bounding interval.

The stretch/shrink notion is important, since if the bulleted
list also ends the containing section, the pause after it *does*
need to be a little longer than if it were being followed by a

I would avoid pushing the visual analogy too far except where it
makes sense, i.e. there is no notion of a margin in audio since
the moddel if that of a linearly scrolling ticker tape --- rather
than a two-dimensional scroll.
As a case in point, a bulleted list in the visual domain is often
cued by indentation -- with multiple levels of nesting causing
mutliple levels of indentation. An effective means of conveying
this auditorily turns out to be to use something like voice pitch
-- rather than pause -- which is what you'd end up with if you
simply mapped margin to puase.

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