Re: Spam on www-style

Another common factor of the jjsolari posts is
the following, which might provide an alternative filter
rule :

	Received: from ([] helo=

Philip Taylor
Bert Bos wrote:

 > On Sat, 31 Jul 2004, Brian Sexton wrote:
 >>This list gets a *LOT* of spam with '' as the From address
 >>and 'jjsolari' as the From name.  Most users probably know to just delete it
 >>(I already have have a filter for it), but some of it looks dangerous.  Is
 >>there a list administrator who can just ban that address?  I looked on the
 >>W3C Web site, but I did not find such a person mentioned.
 > That's me.
 > I've added a reject rule, but since there is no jjsolari subscribed to the
 > list, I wonder how the e-mail got through in the first place and therefore
 > if this is the right rule to add...
 > I'll try to find out more and will pass it on to our system
 > administrators.
 > Bert

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