Re: border-spacing flaw


> It might be worth turning
> 'border-spacing' from CSS2 into a shorthand for 'border-spacing-height'
> and 'border-spacing-width' in CSS3 Tables, but I wouldn't mind if it 
> doesn't
> happen.

Let me try to be a little more precise: I'm wondering why 'border-spacing' 
isn't a shorthand property for 'border-spacing-top', 
'border-spacing-right', 'border-spacing-bottom' and 'border-spacing-left'. 
Is there a reason why you can only have one value (applies to all four 
sides) or two (applies to horizontal sides and vertical sides, 
respectively) values? Why isn't it done in the same fashion as the 
'border-width', 'margin' and 'padding' properties, where you can have one, 
two, three or four values?

- Håvard Skjæveland

PS: In my previous post, I meant 'border-width', not 'border'.

Received on Monday, 26 April 2004 12:02:21 UTC