Re: :first-letter and bidi reordering interaction

On Monday 2004-04-19 17:39 -0400, Ernest Cline wrote:
> You've given an extremely pathological case here thanks to
> the direction:ltr.  Without the ltr, then by the bidi rules this would
> be a rtl paragraph with a lot of ltr text embedded in it, so it would

In HTML [1] and CSS [2], there is always a direction, so the bidi rules
for automatic determination of paragraph embedding level [3] never
apply.  So this is no more an "extremely pathological case" than any
other occurence of bidirectionality.


[3] Unicode 3.0, section 3.12, "Resolving Embedding Levels", rules P2
    and P3.  Note that immediately following rule P3 is the text "Note
    that when a higher level protocol specifies the paragraph level, it
    is not necessary to apply rules P2 and P3."
    (I couldn't find the corresponding section in Unicode 4.0, but it's
    probably there somewhere.)

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