RE: :first-letter and bidi reordering interaction

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> From: Ian Hickson <>
> On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Ernest Cline wrote:
> >
> > You've given an extremely pathological case here thanks to
> > the direction:ltr.  Without the ltr, then by the bidi rules this would
> > be a rtl paragraph with a lot of ltr text embedded in it, so it would
> > make sense for the initial quote and the Y, which would be at the
> > right edge of the paragraph to receive the green color imparted
> > by :first-letter.
> Actually, without the 'ltr' it would be exactly the same, since 'ltr' is
> the initial value and 'direction' is an inherited property.

Actually, we're all wrong here.  Without setting the 'unicode-bidi'
property to "embed", it doesn't matter what the given paragraph
has for its direction property as far as the first letter is concerned.
That is because it will be a RTL paragraph by the normal bidi
rules and render as:

Hebrew word for

and the only thing that 'direction' would affect is which side
the last line of the paragraph would justify to.

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