Re: :first-letter and bidi reordering interaction wrote:
> What does your [1] refer to?

My apologies.  I forgot to include the link.

[1] ==

> The bracketed content below should be green:
> <p>"MIYALAHSURE[Y"] is the Hebrew word for "Jerusalem."</p>
> Why?  Because although Hebrew is written right-to-left, the concept of
> "first-letter" remains the same.

Yes, but the quote next to the 'Y' that you bracketed there is NOT the 
quote that is next to the 'Y' in the source.  A literal interpretation 
of what the spec says right now, with fictional elements and all, is 
that the bracketed parts that are green should be as follows:

   <p>["]MIYALAHSURE[Y]" is the Hebrew word for "Jerusalem."</p>

Note that I agree that your rendering looks a lot better, but there is 
really no connection whatsoever between the 'Y' and '"' that you bracketed.


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