Re: line-height: <length> should be revoked

David Woolley wrote:
>>That's correct.  That is in fact what the specification requires.
> In that case the specification is so counter-intuitive as to be
> dangerous

That was the claim, yes.  Which part is counter-intuitive, though?

> and it also encourages "pixel perfection"
> authors to specify line-heights in absolute units[1]

Where is this encouraged?

> It does, however, seem to me that the browser default style sheet can
> override the problem inheritance

How so?  What rules would you place in the UA sheet to do so?

> (I would actually suggest that whoever wrote
> the example default style sheet in the CSS2.0 specification, failed to
> appreciate the issue

Yes.  Note that this is corrected in CSS 2.1, which only uses number 
line-height values in the example style sheet.


Received on Monday, 12 April 2004 11:20:17 UTC