Re: Aural CSS

> disabled users.  (Anyone who hasn't heard about ACSS, it's the =
> implementing of a computer voice for web sites, or something similar, I =

There are several tools that provide speech access to web sites, and they
will work with properly written web sites even without aural CSS; the more
expesnive ones try to provide access to typically written ones.  Aural
CSS is about hinting the way that the contents is spoken.

Speech access is not just a disability thing, as it can be used for
telephone access and access where the eyes are not free for the purpose.

Aural CSS will be alow priority whilst most web sites are very badly written
and the tools have their work cut out making sense of them.

The main public disability issues forum at W3C is the
mailing list.

Received on Sunday, 28 September 2003 03:24:42 UTC