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On Sat, 27 Sep 2003 14:10:33 -0400, Brandon L. Pisani 
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> I was cruising around on looking for table 
> information when I came across an article on Aural CSS.  Back when I 
> started the mess about scrollbars, something was mentioned about 
> disabled users.  (Anyone who hasn't heard about ACSS, it's the 
> implementing of a computer voice for web sites, or something similar, I 
> think.)  The full article is here:  
> So, my question is:  Is this something that people think is worthwhile, 
> or is it something too complicated to really implement?
> I think it would be worthwhile if it were implemented, but there's 
> always supply:demand stuff I don't know about.  Just curious.
> Brandon Pisani

It's encouraging that at least some people are showing some interest in 
aural stylesheets, though it's also discouraging that the author used so 
much incorrect terminology.  Oh, well.  I would like to see aural 
stylesheets implemented, but it seems like a difficult job at best.  I'm 
not holding my breath.

J. King

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