Re: attr(x, y)

David Woolley wrote:

>>   color: rgb(attr(r,number),attr(g,number),attr(b,number),attr(a,number));
> You need a better example.  This looks like a violation of the principle
> of separating content from style in that you have the actual red, green
> and blue values as attributes of the content.

How about...

h1.pagetitle {
   content: url("/dynamicTitleImage.php?text=" contents), contents;

Now to play devil's advocate...

Regarding the comments above, while I agree that most of the time RGB 
values have no place in content, it depends on the content. Imagine a 
color chart in list form.

<li r="0" b="0" g="0">Color name 1</li>
<li r="0" b="0" g="1">Color name 2</li>
<li r="0" b="0" g="2">Color name 3</li>
<li r="0" b="0" g="3">Color name 4</li>
<li r="0" b="0" g="255">Color name 256</li>
<li r="0" b="1" g="0">Color name 257</li>
<li r="0" b="1" g="1">Color name 258</li>

li:before {
   background-color: rgb(attr(r,number),attr(g,number),attr(b,number));

I'm not sure though, would the ":before" selector be able to inherit 
"attr()" from its parent element? Seems like it would since it can't 
have attributes of its own.

James Craig


Received on Friday, 26 September 2003 12:36:16 UTC