Re[4]: attr(x, y)

Hello David,

Friday, September 26, 2003, 9:27:40 AM, you wrote:

>>    color:
>> rgb(attr(r,number),attr(g,number),attr(b,number),attr(a,number));
>> What do you think?

> You need a better example.  This looks like a violation of the principle
> of separating content from style in that you have the actual red, green
> and blue values as attributes of the content.

I agree - this was not really a good example...

The point is - I caught myself doing (or rather wishing to do) the kind of thing, I showed in my first
example for comboboxes that contained some language codes (by adding some
flag images in front of the list items). At first I thought it was a bug
in Mozilla that prohibited that kind of use of attr() function, but upon
further investigation, I found out that this was a "bug" on the CSS spec
side of things.

 Roland Tepp <>

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