Re: CSS Validator Question

> From: b <>
> You shouldn't have to declare a background color EVERYTIME you declare a
> foreground color, so long as some cascading is occuring. ("huh"?)
> Take this example:
> DIV {
>   padding:1em;
>   border:solid 1px #999;
>   background-color:#339;
>   color:#999;
> }
> DIV A {
>   color:#FFF;
> }
> This produces silver text on a dark blue background, and white text on
> anchors.  Tacky? Sure.  Visible? Yes.

Except that if there is a


And another stylesheet has the rule:

P {

and no rule for DIV A or P A, then the result is white text on a white
(Doesn't matter which is the user sheet and which is the author.)

That is one reason why if a validator is going to warn about this it,
then it shouldn't make any inheritance assumptions.

Received on Friday, 12 September 2003 23:22:49 UTC