Re: Scrollbar Code

I have to agree with this. It should be the end users choice to turn on or
off the scheme/skin of their browser just like it should be their choice
to turn on or off music, animations, shockwave, or flash intros.

If that could be incoporated, an on/off switch, perhaps this would all be
a mute point. Is there such a beast (other than the browser specification
that "my settings will not be changed" check box)?


> On Friday, September 12, 2003, at 09:07 PM, Charles Kendrick wrote:
>  > You didn't take my point
> <snip>
> Another consideration is that users may have their scrollbars and other
> widgets coloured, sized and configured for their needs in terms of
> accessibility. People with motor difficulties may have them larger,
> people with sight problems may have them coloured in a specific way
> (e.g. high contrast colours). I don't think these folks would take too
> kindly to you, me or any designer messing with THEIR scheme on THEIR
> machine.
> Once you touch browser chrome, you are into the user's desktop (or
> wherever). I don't think we really belong there.
> Jackie

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