Re: Height should *not* ignore floating/absolute-positioned elements

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On Thursday, September 4, 2003 you wrote:

> I'd like to request that the height of an element automatically expand to
> include any boxes contained within that are either floating elements or
> absolute positioned elements.

> When attempting to use CSS for layout, rather than tables, I found myself
> forced into using nested float elements.  In previous browsers (Moz 1.3, IE
> 5.5/6, Netscape 6.2) the result was fine.  But when Moz 1.4 came out and
> their browser implemented CSS2.1, I found myself lost.

> I see no reason why nested floats or absolute positioned elements should not
> be considered in the height of its parent.  If the designer/developer
> doesn't want the floating or absolutely positioned element to have an effect
> on its parent element, they would be best to NOT nest the element in the
> first place.

> Take a look at <>  using Moz 1.3, IE
> 5.5/6, or Netscape 6.2, and tell me how I can accomplish such a design using
> CSS2.1 if nested floats don't function this way...I could use tables for
> layout...but that's not what tables are for :-(

See for a
very good explanation of why the current implementation is useful, and
how to achieve what you want.


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