[CSSOM] CSSValue and related interfaces (message from the CSS WG)

One of the specifications that the CSS WG is chartered to write is a new
version of the Document Object Model for CSS, or CSSOM for short. We don't
have a Working Draft yet, but the following is is an official statement by
the CSS. It represents the current consensus in the WG:

   The following DOM2 Style features are considered to be problematic
   and are therefore classified as obsolete. Implementors are strongly
   urged not to implement them. Replacements will be provided at some
   future point.

      The UnknownRule interface (unknown rules should be dropped by
      the parser and thus never reach the DOM)

      The getPropertyCSSValue method, CSSValue interface, all
      interfaces inheriting from CSSValue, and the RGBColor, Rect, and
      Counter interfaces (the CSSValue interface is thought to be too
      awkward for frequent use)

For the CSS WG,
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Received on Thursday, 30 October 2003 17:45:22 UTC