Re: CSS 4?

Dylan Schiemann wrote:
> Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>>> Last I checked the total was greater than 10% for browsers without 
>>> JavaScript support...
>> Whats's the source of this number?  Sorry, but browser statistics are
>> notoriously inaccurate and plagued by the "well, it's 50% of the 
>> people who
>> visit _my_ site" problem...
> Agreed.  I looked at two sources:
> 13% (aggregation of 
> roughly 35 million monthly "hits")
> combined stats for sites that we (SitePen) host: 9% (we get around 
> 400,000 page requests per month)

Based on those stats, my original statement was that roughly 10% of all 
users have JavaScript disabled, and from that I guessed that 0-2% did so 
by choice (with the other 8% using old browsers, etc.).

Strangely enough, I'm willing to ignore ~10% of the population when it 
comes to using css and other standards that older browsers don't 
support, but I don't like to ignore the non-JavaScript users unless the 
purpose is a web app.  Also thinking about this more, I believe that 
roughly 10-20% of script disabled traffic is from robots.


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