Re: box-sizing: border-box;

> What is the only reasonable interpretation of this overconstrained
> situation?
> Since negative content widths are illegal, it makes sense for the computed
> content width to be set to 0 in this case.

Sure.  I'm not saying we can't specify box-sizing:border-box in a reasonable
way.  I'm just saying that it would increase the amount of complexity in the box
model somewhat.  ;)

Much more interesting, what should width:inherit inherit?  Should
it inherit the computed width?  But that's the content area width, even for
boxes that use box-sizing:border-box.   Or is it?  What is the expected
behavior of the following rules:

div { box-sizing: border-box; width: inherit; border: 10px solid; }
div#root { width: 100px; }

<div id="root">

Should the content width of the innermost div be 100px?  80px?  40px?  I
suspect 40px is the answer that makes the most sense here, actually.... (and
corresponds to inheriting the content area computed width).

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