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This doesn't really answer the original question, as simply replacing the height attribute with CSS
height: 100%; will only help in browser "Quirks" modes.

Unfortunately Greg vertical centering is hell with CSS. A discussion of the problems involved is here.

If you must have it, you should probably leave the table as-is. If you really want to use CSS, use the
solutions here:

Some discussion of resolving this was brought up a while back on www-style, but I believe it died
without resolution.

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The css height property is preferred of the height attribute.  For example:

<table  style="height: 5in">
<tr><td> cell 1</td></tr>

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> Hi there,
> I have recently been wanting to 'try' and refine a html 
> document to conform to W3C's Recommendations. However in my 
> effort to do so I have found that the TABLE HEIGHT attribute 
> is an invalid specification or a rather deprecated as of some 
> HTML version (3?).
> That might be all well and good but what is the alternative 
> solution if for example one wanted to center an image in the 
> middle of page? Having
> (moderately) searched the W3C site I cannot find anything 
> that justifies this back-step or deprecation. In my 
> experience when one specifies a deprecated element they are 
> also given notification of the 'to be' accepted alternative.

-Chris "SoopahMan" Moschini

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