Re: box-sizing: border-box;

You are correct, Thanks, I was looking at opera in non Strict mode.
My comment stems in fact from the CSS3 document
"The property 'box-sizing' was first proposed to provide an upgrade path
for certain browsers that interpreted 'width'
<>  the wrong way.
'Box-width' <>
and 'box-height'
<>  are
proposed as improved versions of 'box-sizing'
<> . However,
newer versions of those browsers have already fixed the bug and it is
not clear that these properties are really needed anymore."
I misread "these properties are not needed" as refering to the
box-sizing not the box-width and box-height, sorry.
My statement is simple I don't like the content-box model! could someone
persuade me otherwise? I just don't understand why if I say; div
{width:200px;padding:7px;border:2px} that width dosn't mean 200px.
Thanks again, shaggy

Received on Tuesday, 28 October 2003 14:20:20 UTC