Re: CSS 4?

Ian Hickson wrote:
> In the extreme case, however, it would be possible to do something like:
>    link { binding: url(internalLinks.xml#link); }
> ...where internalLinks.xml is a BECSS binding that defines how elements
> should be turned into links. (BECSS is still in development, though. At
> the moment, you would use -moz-binding or behavior depending on whether
> you were targetting Mozilla or WinIE.)

As I've mentioned previously, behaviors used in this way bother me 
because it uses the css mechanism to add much more than style.

As Selectors grow to be something that can be used to select a portion 
of a document not just for styling, does it make sense that their use 
for nonstyle purposes should be mixed into a style sheet?

I have argued in the past that at a minimum, bindings should have their 
own "binding sheet" and perhaps their own type, for example text/becss. 
  However, this does make it difficult when a binding describes style 
and logic, as style rules included through a binding lose their place in 
the cascade if completely separated from css.

So perhaps bindings included in a css document could be limited to 
stylistic properties, and then there would be an additional way to 
include logic bindings, if and when this moves towards becoming a rec.

Dylan Schiemann

Received on Thursday, 23 October 2003 16:12:42 UTC