Re: [css3-cascade] Proposed property: rule( sSelector ); - syntax

Quoting Chris Moschini <>:

> > This looks like a declaration for the color property.... except it does 
> > not follow the normal declaration rules.

> Finding an @rule() for a property *could* demand a second pass of step 2

It would demand one pass for each level of @rule() nesting, no?

> A more complex implementation could avoid this second pass by linking
> p.section's
> color definition to div.section during the CSS parse, so when it's time for
> step
> 2, the sort order accounts for this added part of the cascade.

That depends on how the @rule() rules sit inside the cascade, which is something
that's still totally unclear to me.

> thus the above example would add whatever color value div.section

What about "div.section.section", which is functionally equivalent to

Also, converting internal parsed selector representations into strings all the
time just to get the list of rules that apply to an element could well be more
expensive than the other approach...


Received on Wednesday, 22 October 2003 16:14:50 UTC