[CSS2.1] Box model

S8.2 Examples of margins, padding, and borders

# The content width for each LI box is calculated top-down; the
# containing block for each LI box is established by the UL element.

The relationship between these two sentences is not clear. What
does top-down calculation have to do with the UL establishing a
containing block for each LI?

# The right padding of the LI boxes has been set to zero width
# (the 'padding' property). The effect is apparent in the second
# illustration.                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

No it's not.

S8.3 Margin properties

# If the containing block's width depends on this element, then
# the resulting layout is undefined in CSS 2.1.

Might want to give an example of when this happens.

# margin-top, margin-bottom
# Applies to: all elements but inline, non-replaced elements and
#             internal table elements

Any reason why it doesn't need to apply to inline, non-replaced
elements? Borders and padding do; they just don't have an effect
on line-height calculation. Since that seems to be the rationale
for excluding it, I'd just combine the definitions for all margins
and leave the no-effect part to the inline model explanation.

S8.3.1 Collapsing margins

The number of times "clearance" is referred to without reasonable
context or previous definition is just maddening. Call it "float
clearance" or something, at least.

(I've been reading straight through, so continuity problems are
  more evident.)

# Vertical margins between a floated box and any other box do not
# collapse (not even between a float and its in-flow children).

Not even between two boxes both floating left? Things would look
nicer imo if these margins would collapse.

S8.5 Border properties

# Note. Notably for HTML, user agents may render borders for certain
# elements (e.g., buttons, menus, etc.) differently than for "ordinary"
# elements.

Are you sure you want this to be informative?
Also, I suggest adding "user interface" between 'certain' and 'elements'.


# none
#    No border.

I'd put
>    No border; the border width is zero.

S8.6 The box model for inline elements in bidi context

Beautiful! I would make one change, however:

# the left-most generated box of the first line box in which the
# element appears has a left margin, left border and left padding
Change "a left margin" to "the left margin", and likewise for the
other three analogous instances.


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