Re: CSS21 @font-face removal

On Monday, Oct 20, 2003, at 20:12 Europe/Helsinki, Tex Texin wrote:

> If a browser supports Unicode, then all that may be  needed to display 
> the
> script is the font.
> There seems to be an assumption that displaying minority scripts must 
> require a
> concerted effort and a specialized system.
> It doesn't need to be the case. Certainly some scripts are complex to 
> display.
> Others are in the minority not because they are technologically 
> difficult but
> because there are not many speakers.

For example, Mac OS X doesn't come bundled with a font for Georgian, 
but will render Georgian text (encoded as Unicode) if a font is 
supplied. If a person wants to read Georgian and runs Mac OS X, why 
wouldn't (s)he install a suitable font instead of relying on Web sites 
to provide fonts via @font-face? Surely it is reasonable to expect 
(s)he wants to read Georgian even when the site author isn't providing 
a font or when the text being read isn't a Web page.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Monday, 20 October 2003 13:58:53 UTC