Re: CSS21 @font-face removal

On Monday, October 20, 2003, 6:52:12 PM, Henri wrote:

HS> On Monday, Oct 20, 2003, at 09:02 Europe/Helsinki, Tex Texin wrote:

HS> Then there's the practice of transferring Latin gibberish and applying
HS> a font that is a Latin font from the system's point of view but 
HS> contains glyphs for another script. I think CSS 2.1 should not 
HS> accommodate fontifying Latin gibberish to look like text in a minority
HS> script in browsers that happen to support such a trick.

I agree, so its handy that CSS 2 dissallows such a practice. But wat
does that have to do with downloading fonts in general?

HS> That approach
HS> may appear to work (for some value of "work") in some cases but causes
HS> problems with search engines and usually with browsers other than the
HS> one the author of the page was using.

I think these are well understood problems; I am certain that Tex was
not suggesting the use of such mechanisms.


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