RE: [CSS21] colons are forbidden in type selectors

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> Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2003 4:03 PM
> To: Robert Koberg
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> Robert Koberg wrote:
> >>>This rules out the colon character which is widely used in XML names.
> >
> > What percentage of real users have these kind of browsers?
> What percentage of users have browsers that support styling XML via CSS
> at all?   (Styling tag soup via CSS and pretending it's XML doesn't
> count, since there are no namespaces involved in tag soup.)  

Well, this:

c:\article {margin:3%}
c:\section {margin:3%}
<c:article id="abc" xmlns:c="someuri">

Do you consider it XML being styled by CSS (you need the namespace, btw)? I
suppose not by your definition. However, with the nonstandard browser I am
using, I can validate it with a standard XML Schema. I don't know, but 80%
percent of the users out that can use this. There are a few things that are
not in the standards, like contentEditable, which seems to have been in the
original intention of the web.

> Of the ones
> that do, the vast majority have browsers that support the draft
> specification in question.

Of the ones that do...

> -Boris

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