Re: Proposal - browser specific CSS

> Adding a deliberate 'Exclude' statement into CSS would allow developers 

In my view, the right way of doing this is with feature tests.  For
CSS, that really requires some sort of all or nothing conditional.
This does, of course, rely on browsers knowing what they can do
properly, which is likely to be a problem.

Such a conditional might also cope with user preference overrides
(user !important rules).

The problem with browser sniffing, is that it tends to discriminate
against minority browsers, in particular judging them by older version.
It also has the effect of making them lie.  Most minority browsers have
an option to set the User-Agent string to get round sites that won't
talk to anything except IE or Netscape.  Even IE lies.  It says that
it is Mozilla in the formal part of the User Agent, then expands on
this in the comments, such that comments are no longer usable as
such in User Agent strings.

Received on Wednesday, 15 October 2003 16:53:07 UTC