Several suggestions about the CSS validator

I've some trouble with the W3C CSS Validator:

First, if I define the propertys widows and orphans for @media print, it 
says "Property(s) window(/orphans) doesn't(/don't) exist for media print". 
Why? Where's that said in the specs? You can set every property for every 
media; but it won't apply to any media... By the way, these propertys 
apply... Another error occour when the cursor-property is set for @media 
projection, screen, tv...

Second, the validator doesn't recognise display:inline-block, because it 
was introduced just in CSS 2.1 and not in CSS 2. But there is no CSS 2.1 
Validator and that's why I'll get errors every time when I validate Style 
sheets using display:inline-block, although I use valid CSS 2.1...


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