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David <> wrote on Sun, 12 Oct 2003 13:14:32 +0200:
> 1. This is my very first e-mail to w3 mailing list. Please don't 
> hesitate to tell me if I done something wrong.
It's also my fist, that's why i ask for the same...
And because English isn't my first language, i hope that you understand me.

>  a. I dont know if it apply to browsers or to spec, but double-italic  
> (such as, a book's title in a quote) is not supported in neither  
> Mozilla, Opera or Safari (latest Mac version of all)
>  I wrote a page about that
> <>
If you want to have this "double-italic", than simply write it in the 
style sheet of your site. For instance:

em em, em q, q q, q em {font-style:normal;}

Where's the problem?

>  b. a possibility to use any character as a bullet, for unordered list  
> (it is already possible for pictures)
>  list-style-type:<character>
> Most custom-bullet are pictures of characters already available as a  
> part of Unicode. I'm thinking of *check marks*.

Yes, that's imho a good idea and i would also like such a opportunity.

>  c. relative colors
> It is not possible by now. This site <> did a  
> great job at simulating "color familes" (darker, lighter). It helps  
> keeping consistencies.
> • make it easy to have "location-based" link (anchor, in-site,  
> out-site) *and* "situation-based" link (not visited, visited), without  
> being cumbersome or unergonmic.
> • Makes it easy to propose alternate stylesheet. Changing from green  
> theme to yellow theme only requires to change *one value*
> • Proposal : <bace color> (à la base href)

Thats's also a good idea... For example, if you could say:

a {base-color:green}
a:visited {color:darker}

Or something like this...


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