Re: CSS21 @font-face removal

>     actually in practice solve anything for people who want to read 
> Chinese in a
>     university in England. The CJK font sizes are just too large compared
>     to the size of the main content of usual web pages. Also, does 

I agree with nearly all of what you say, but not this.  Especially when 
one is dealing with poems and the like, the number of distinct characters
need not be very large.  The whole Microsoft simplified Chinese font
is about 2.5MB, but the subset for the poem that I tried it on was
only 28KB.  The total size of the Arial and Times New Roman subsets to
ensure that all the Pinyin characters were available is larger.

I don't think that it isn't done because of the large sizes (some sites
use GIF instead), I think it isn't done simply because people are 
unaware of the capability.

Average bloated web pages must be running at around 100KB these days.

Received on Thursday, 6 November 2003 18:10:06 UTC