Re: [CSS3] Generated and Replaced Content - Grouping (long, examples)

You know, maybe part of the dl/dt problem is in fact not a CSS issue, but an XML issue (not
sure what mailing list to send e-mail regarding XML is).

Afterall there are many cases where the user would enter a set of tags, but have some assumed
idea in mind of how they're grouped. Maybe the concept of an "anonymous parent" needs to be
introduced in XML.

Of course this still wouldn't resolve the issue in CSS of wanting 2 divs out of 3 to fall
under some anonymous parent. But perhaps this issue shouldn't be resolved this way; maybe, if
for example you're trying to get 2 div's edges to touch, the right answer is to provide some
formula possibilities in CSS values. For example:

<div id="col1"/>
<div id="col2"/>
<div id="col3"/>

If you're trying to, for example, get the heights to match of columns 2 and 3, you could use:

#col3 { height: actual( #col2 ); }

It's quite intuitive to the author, and clear to the reader. This isn't quite the same as the
@rule() I proposed as this would take the actual height of col2 and apply it to col3, not the
height property value (if any).

-Chris "SoopahMan" Moschini

Received on Wednesday, 5 November 2003 10:03:07 UTC