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> Now, you could use multi-classes, yes. This would involve modifying
> the global.css so that the border color is no longer in #content but
> rather, say, .column. You'd then add .column to all three div tags,
> and you're done.

Why can't you use the existing classes and IDs? In general, if there
is a hook, it can be selected. If it can be selected, it can be
grouped. If it can be grouped, it can be changed at one place.

#content, a:link, a:href {border-color: green;}

> If there's more than 1 CSS file on the site - which is ideal on a large site, and it's large
> sites that truly stand to benefit from this separation of semantics and design - the comma
> operator cannot do this for you. The only way is some form of rule importing mechanism, which
> does not exist today.

Who says you can't edit more than one CSS file? To me this seems a far
fetched scenario. Cascading is nice and all, but the page styling will
not often be split in parts controled by different parties [1].
Relying on some part in another style sheet that is not under your
control is bound to lead to problems. Say a global company stylesheet
and a divisional stylesheet: if the company stylesheet changes, chance
are that your divisional stylesheet has to change also. So there is
little benefit in avoiding a little duplication.


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