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> Are any of the colours used on this page hard to distinguish?:


Yes, but in a non-fatal way (for me at least).

'yellow-on-maroon' looks more like 'yellow-on-black' to me, but is
clearly a fail.

And 'red-on-white' is clearly not green, so also easy to spot as a
fail. But it is much easier to see the text is actually red when I
make sure to use a 'fat' font, like Arial/Tahoma/Trebuchet shown at

> Note that as you observe, most of the tests check if you can see only
> green, rather than if you can't see red.

Which is good enough (for me). It would be interesting to see if
others find it harder. Here are some examples of tests that don't
follow the guideline above, and which I find hard to do:
Have to look carefully to see the text is really red, not black.
I remember I have edited the code to change maroon to lime to be sure
Opera supported this...

> See also:


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