Re: Test suite submissions

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Rijk van Geijtenbeek wrote:
>> In practice, in my six years of writing CSS tests, I cannot recall
>> receiving a single complaint from anyone who was blocked from using
>> CSS tests because of red/green colour blindness.
> I do have problems with 'maroon', which is used in some tests. I can
> hardly distinguish between maroon and black text color on a white
> background. Red text on a white background is better, but still not
> very easy. Distinguishing background colors, however, is no problem
> for me. And if a test says 'this text should be green text', I can see
> easily enough whether it is green or 'some other color, most likely
> black'.


The colour combinations I usually use are:

   foreground  background  condition

     white       green       pass
     black       lime        pass
     green       white       pass

     red         white       fail
     yellow      maroon      fail

     navy        white       reading the text is required to understand
                             the test

Are any of the colours used on this page hard to distinguish?:

Note that as you observe, most of the tests check if you can see only
green, rather than if you can't see red.

See also:

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