Re: list-style-type of hangul

On 2003.03.06 02:46 Ian Hickson wrote:
> Does the CSS3 Lists module address your concerns?

oh, right it.
but it's hard to understand
what's behind the name of 'korean*' that's commented out?

may I ask more support for hangul and hangul-consonant?
section 'non-repeating' define some of circled character.
list-style-type of hangul in (Korean) law require
circled hangul and hangul-consonant.
it'll be perfect if CSS support all of them.

and as section 'alphabetic' describe in Note:
several systems in this table use a suffix other than a dot.
so it'll be much helpful if recommendation provide
example implementation of parenthesis and other decorations.


ps. may I have a contact address to someone Korean,
who's interested in this issue, if present?

Received on Thursday, 6 March 2003 12:28:18 UTC