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On Friday, Jul 25, 2003, at 08:57 Europe/London, David Woolley wrote:

> The fundamental philosophy of HTML is that it that it defines the 
> structure,
> so two presentations of a page which present the same structure are the
> same page, even if one has a gap between paragraphs, whereas the other
> has no gap, but indents the first line, etc.

This is the fundamental philosophy, I'm more interested in the actual 
usage on the live web.

> If repeatable presentation is more important than strucuture, then you
> want a page description language, like PostScript or its descendants,
> PDF and SVG (although currently PDF has better support for providing
> for providing structure information, amongst these).

Thanks, you mentioned these technologies before several times. I'll 
repeat my previous reply, these technologies are useful, but they are 
not flexible enough to allow content to be delivered to a wide 
audience. They have little or no accessibility or degradability 
features and, if used widespread would limit the web. Please consider 
your suggestion noted from now on.


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