3 columns page


I'm looking for a layout solution for a 3 columns web
page in css2.

The webpage expands all the screen for different
resolutions (width:100%), but I want the first and the
last column to take a fixed width (175px) so the one
which expands is the second column.

I'm trying with floating blocks but I can´t find a way
to keep left & right columns fixed:

DIV#page {position:relative; width:100%}

DIV#left-column {float:left; width:24%}
DIV#center-column {float:left; width:52%}
DIV#right-column {float:left; width: 24%}

The trouble is that the center column doesn't seem to
recognize the width of the other ones.

Other way, this doesn't work when the right columns
renders the last:

DIV#left-column {float:left; width:175px}
DIV#center-column {position:relative; width:100%}
DIV#right-column {float:right; width:175px}

I will be gratefull for any sugestions. 

Pablo Enríquez

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Received on Friday, 25 July 2003 03:39:14 UTC