Re: [CSS21] body { padding: 8px; } HTML40 sample stylesheet

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003, Afternoon wrote:

> > And this is desirable exactly why? What's the point of using different
> > browsers if they need to do just the same?
> Because UAs may be on different platforms.

If _that_ is the argument, then the recommendation shoul be that a browser
have _the_ same (whichever) default style sheet on all platforms.

Would that be necessary? If a browser vendor makes different decisions for
different platforms, maybe there's a reason. Anyway, if the recommendation
is retained in this weakened form, the reason for it should be given, and
it should not be connected with any sample sheet in the specification.

> The user doesn't always have
> a choice what browser they use, so they should be able to rely on it
> behaving like the others.

How common is it that a Windows user is forced to use a Mac, or vice
versa, and can (or has to) use the _same_ browser? (For some definition
of "same".) Would the browser-default left margin or browser-default
list bullet really be a problem here?

Jukka "Yucca" Korpela,

Received on Friday, 25 July 2003 01:12:34 UTC