Re: interpretation of float model - Mozilla vs Opera & IE

> The use of floats to create things that look like tabular layout is 
> fragile

Agreed. As useful as the effect is, I don't want to see floats made 
even more fragile.

I think that all of the negative points for using floats, CSS-P and 
tables add up to a reasonable argument for a new layout syntax, a 
better implementation of grids that allows for sensible degrading. 
David Woolley thinks this is a research problem, but I think it's what 
the WG should be doing.

As floats are implemented identically in Moz, Opera and Safari but not 
in IE and the Moz et al approach seems least fragile, I think the IE 
approach is unwanted. As useful as the capability is, it's no use if it 
only works in one browser. I for one would be happy to see consistency 
on this point.


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Received on Monday, 21 July 2003 14:10:12 UTC