Re: interpretation of float model - Mozilla vs Opera & IE

> Mozilla's rendering is correct.  Safari also puts the second float  
> below the first.
Opera 7 does the same, but CSS2.1 says:

10.3.5 Floating, non-replaced elements
If 'left', 'right', 'margin-left', or 'margin-right' are specified as 
'auto', their computed value is '0'. 
If 'width' is specified as 'auto', the computed value is the "shrink-to-fit" 
Calculation of the shrink-to-fit width is similar to computing the width of 
a table cell using the automatic table layout algorithm. Roughly: calculate 
the preferred width by formatting the content without breaking lines other 
than where explicit line breaks occur, and also calculate the preferred 
minimum width, e.g., by trying all possible line breaks. CSS 2.1 does not 
define the exact algorithm. Thirdly, compute the available width: in this 
case, this is the width of the containing block minus 'left', 'right', 
'margin-left' and 'margin-right'. (Omit 'left' and 'right' if they do not 
apply to this element.) 
Then the shrink-to-fit width is: min(max(preferred minimum width, available 
width), preferred width).

Received on Monday, 21 July 2003 13:03:25 UTC