Re: Center DIV

> It's not a reason to block an addition that can't yet be done, but it 
> is a
> reason to add an addition that _can_ be done.
> In the former case, authors will use the feature to the detriment of
> legacy browsers.
> In the latter case, given the two options (work in all browsers, work 
> just
> in the new browsers) they'll use the backwards-compatible option.

But if they were going to do that, wouldn't they already be doing that 
now? My point was that people aren't using the feature currently 
because it's obfuscated and logical only to a browser programmer.

In addition, it isn't a fraction as useful to center a block which has 
to have a fixed width as it is to center the block with 
width:intrinsic, so it won't be in widespread use until CSS3 anyway.

The WG could use the next year as a lull period because of Internet 
Explorers annoying hiatus. New features can be introduced at lower cost 
and old ones reconsidered. Then, come 2004 when the IE team starts 
writing, the standard will ready for them. That assumes that they 
actually change it once 2005 comes round and don't just make a new 


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