[css3-line] vertical-align was Re: [css3-ui] CSS3 modification: vertical-align

'vertical-align' is not in the CSS3 Basic UI module, it is in the CSS3 Line
Box Module.


Although your suggestion sounds like something for the either the CSS3 Box
Model or CSS3 Positioning Modules.


On 7/3/03 11:56 AM, "Chris Moschini" <Chris.Moschini@amdocs.com> wrote:

> I'd like to recommend that vertical-align be amended in one of 2 ways:
> 1) if the vertical-align property is specified in an element having position:
> absolute/fixed, that it position boxes inside it relative to its own inner
> dimensions; thus:
> #container { position: absolute; height: 100%; vertical-align: bottom; }
> <div id="container">
> <div id="example">Bottom</div>
> </div>
> places "example" effectively at the bottom of the window.
> 2) A property be added that works as above in any context; for example,
> vertical-box-align, etc. vertical-align would be left be for backwards
> compatibility.
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Ignored as requested.

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