Re: "display: image;" for CSS styling of images embedded in XML documents?

Ian Hickson wrote:

> With the CSS3 Generated Content draft, that would be:
>    myImage { content: attr(mySource, url), attr(myAlt); }

Oh right, nice. Thanks.

What about specifying something to display the way a 'title' attribute 
currently would in HTML? I suppose it could be done this way:

   myImage {
     content: attr(mySource, url), attr(myAlt) "(" attr(title) ")";

But I was thinking about the way a UA implementation can handle the alt 
and title attibutes simultaneously in different ways. Ex:

  - Mozilla uses text for alt and tooltip for title.
  - Safari uses text for alt and status bar text for title.

Should there also be some way to specify size based on included 
attributes like width and height? I assume it would need "px" appended 
to the attr(width). Is this right?

   width: attr(width) "px";
   height: attr(height) "px";

>>Should there be a mime-type spec in the CSS for these images?
> I don't understand what this means.

Nevermind. I guess it's not really important if the server configuration 
is set up correctly.

>>displaying other kind of things that would typicially be held in HTML
>><object> elements?
> Why do they need any special casing?
>    video { content: url(movie.mpeg); }
>    flash { content: url(game.swf); }

What about functional attributes like pluginspage or functional child 
elements like <param>?

Thanks Ian, your comments have been really helpful.

James Craig


Received on Thursday, 3 July 2003 15:08:55 UTC