RE: window titles

Rowland Shaw wrote:

>I think what Devon was after was a way to say "this here XML element is the
>title" for use when displaying XML+CSS rather than HTML.

This, IMO, ties in very much with the <footnote> thoughts from Christian
Hujer earlier on this list, because it essentially boils down to have a
greater variety of standard, yet specially handled typographical
problems, mainly for print on paper (paged media, [1]), and even more for
the combination of XML+CSS.

I am currently investigating (privately) pros and cons of a greater
variety of values for the 'display' property (resp. 'display-model' and
'display-group' in CSS3), where I'd be interested in something like
{display: footnote}, {display: window-title}, {display: page-header} or
{display: margin-text}, with corresponding properties like "footnote-
position-type: end | page | popup", valid only for elements with
{display: footnote}.

I see that my thoughts touch many places in CSS2/3, so I am not really
ready to suggest solutions.

For my background: Currently, I am working on an XML+CSS based converter
to RTF, which is in a way different from a browser or PDF in that its
output is still declarative (RTF is fully declarative, except for FIELDs)
and not a finished layout, so problems arise at all points where CSS uses
a functional approach (like counter()/counters() or some constructions
for the 'content' property). I hope to gain more insights as to what I'd
eventually need (as opposed to "nice-to-have") in CSS for my particular
task, and therefore whether CSS actually is the right approach for it.

Christian Roth

Received on Wednesday, 15 January 2003 13:47:11 UTC