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OK...I stand corrected.

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I think what Devon was after was a way to say "this here XML element is the
title" for use when displaying XML+CSS rather than HTML.

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The title of a page is meta information, outside of the presentation in a
page.  CSS is used within the presentation of the page and for presentation
of the page.

Specifying the text in a page tag or meta tag is a function of script,
specifically in this case some kind of server-side script like:

<title><%= myTitleVar %></title>

If you are using ASP, JSP, CFML, PHP, etc. you can accomplish this.

"Devon Y." <> wrote:

I apologize in advance if there's already something like this somewhere,
I haven't found it yet so I assume an equivalent does not exist.

I've long wished CSS could give us authors a way to define what text goes
into the window title of a browser (or other viewing device). XML+CSS
documents always strike me as unprofessional or unfinished,  because of no
window title. I envision something like..

foo { window-title: attr();}
foo { display: window-title;}

Value options for a 'window-title' property could include strings, uri's,
even the word 'yes' (to indicate the element's contents would be the window


Just a brainstorm you might be interested in.

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