Re: Shelby's Final Position Paper on XBL

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Herr Christian Wolfgang Hujer wrote:
> I think a href has a behaviour that effectivly consists of three steps:
> The behaviour requesting the object from the user agent. (That makes it 
> possible for a spider or a tabbed browser to thread / tab)
> The user agent creating and delivering the object.
> The behaviour invoking the desired method or altering the desired attributes 
> of that object.

I would say that's its semantics.

The _behaviour_ of an <a href> is typically more along the lines of:

   event handlers: on click, run activation function.
   href property: resolve the value of the "href" attribute relative to
   the element's base URI.
   style: underline, colour based on visited state.
   activation function: change "location.href" to the value of the
   "href" property.
But it varies. (The two examples I gave where lynx, a Web browser that at
least in one version only had keyboard interaction for links, and Qube,
another Web browser that in one version only had mouse support for links.)

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