Re: Nominate definition of "presentation"?

At 01:32 PM 1/5/2003 -0600, J. David Eisenberg wrote:
>> Can every one agree this is one useful way of defining "presentation"??
>Sorry, but I must be exceptionally ignorant (or worse, stupid)--I don't
>understand this definition at all.

No need to say that.  Questions from people who want to learn are the best
questions to ask.

I expected the definition would need some examples, because it is a very
abstract and powerful one.

>  A succinct, concrete example would
>help me get it through my thick, concrete skull.

I just gave 3 examples.  2 show what is "presentation" and 1 shows
"non-conforming semantic implementation":

See "p:empty":

-Shelby Moore

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