CSS3 Web Fonts and proposed unicoded registrations

The Web Fonts working draft in section 2.3 gives an example of unicode-
range that refers to proposed registrations for Aztec Pictograms and 
Irish Ogham

unicode-range: U+11E00-121FF
    This font covers a proposed registration for Aztec pictograms,
     covering the range 1E00 to 21FF in plane 1. 

unicode-range: U+1A00-1A1F
    This font covers a proposed registration for Irish Ogham covering
    the range 1A00 to 1A1F

The proposed location for the Aztec Pictograms is now given by 
http://www.unicode.org/roadmaps/smp/ as being U+13400 to U+137FF.
U+11800 to U+11FFF is reserved for African and other syllabic scripts.
U+12000 to U+127FF is reserved for scripts for invented languages.

Irish Ogham was added in Unicode 3.0, but it covers the range U+1680  
to U+ 169F instead. U+1A00 to U+1A5F is now proposed for Viet-Thai.

Received on Wednesday, 9 April 2003 11:53:35 UTC